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This satellite view of what CBS news called "hell on earth" in a 60 Minutes exposé is as close as you might want to get to the beach of Bhatiari, Bangladesh ( 22°26'4.44"N, 91°43'46.32"E) (see it on Google Maps), where hundreds of cashiered luxury liners and no-longer-useful cargo ships come to die and be dismembered.What you can't see in this satellite snapshot are the thousands of workers who get paid a dollar a day to toil in the heat and toxic boat waste salvaging steel, copper, and ship parts. The inset image on the right of the slide is from Flickr user naquib. And speaking of maritime graveyards, here is where U.S. Navy mothballs some of its fleet near Benicia, California (38° 3'55.21"N 122° 6'15.96"W) (see it in Google Maps) [zoom to image]. Google Earth compiles images from various sources, from satellites in geosynchronous orbit that snap low-resolution photos from tens of thousands of miles above Earth, to satellites closer Here's a look at some of the strangest. (Originally published on LiveScience on April 18, 2013.) Sprawling swastika

1. Airplane Boneyard 32 08’59.96″ N, 110 50’09.03″W Tucson, Arizona

And in Denmark, they have placed a Boing 727 as a gimmick next to an engineering company… : https://www.google.dk/maps/search/wierd/@56.0693011,9.9849967,292m/data=!3m1!1e3?hl=da Every year we come across bizarre and strange sightings that have been picked up by the Google camera, and today we have a look at some of the stranger sights spotted by their satellites. Learn about the BIGGEST of everything Monday, Wednesday, and Friday just subscribe Google Maps supports the following KML elements (that is, KML queries in the Search box and GGeoXml objects in the Maps API): Placemarks Icons Folders Descriptive HTML Entity replacement via <BalloonStyle> and <text> KMZ (compressed KML, including attached images)..

Sure, visiting breathtaking landmarks such as the Roman Coliseum (41°53'26.44"N, 12°29'31.17"E) (see it in Google Maps) in person is the best way to see them. (Shown in the inset at bottom left is a Google Street View of the Roman Coliseum--another alternative for virtual globetrotters.) But if your budget and schedule don't permit it, Google Earth may just have to do. The good news for virtual tourists is that Google has updated its coverage of many of the world's most popular destinations with high-resolution images that make an Internet trip to the Grand Canyon (36.102966,-112.091532 ) (see it in Google Maps) [zoom to image], the Great Wall of China (40°21'15.86"N, 116° 0'25.31"E) (see it in Google Maps) [zoom to image], and Eiffel Tower (48°51'29.47"N, 2°17'40.26"E) (see it in Google Maps) [zoom to image] as enjoyable as possible. Removed Google Local Search API (Deprecated). Every point I click on is: at -9999.00 m / -32805.12 feet By Umm on 5th June 2019. Great tool. You had a great product and it has been allowed to go to crap. Or should I say WAKE UP GOOGLE

A dry-docked skiff is one thing, but a cruise ship parked between skyscrapers in the middle of a city is quite another (22°18'14.15"N, 114°11'24.66"E) (see it in Google Maps). This ocean liner is known by locals as Whompoa Boat and doubles as a shopping mall in downtown Hong Kong.With Google's unblinking satellite eye trained on us, it's bound to capture things as they happen. Here in Frankfurt, Germany, you can spot a house fire (50° 2'16.46"N, 8°14'29.01"E) (see it in Google Maps). Here is another of a car accident and massive traffic snarl (51° 4'47.89"N, 6°59'17.70"E ) [zoom to image] in Germany. Off the coast of Sudan, you get a good view of a Bolivian cargo ferry, the SS Jassim, that ran aground and capsized (19°38'46.58"N, 37°17'42.19"E) [zoom to image]. Strange Triangle in Australia(30°30'38.44″S115°22'56.03″E). The image was discovered back in 2007 and people are quick to point out that there is a strange triangle dotted with bright lights in the I love exploring Greenland on Google Earth! I thought I was the only one. Definitely unique!

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2. Mysterious Desert Pattern 27°22’50.10″N, 33°37’54.62″E Red Sea Governorate, Egypt

Lisakovsk, about 12 miles (20 kilometers) to the east. Bronze Age settlements, cemeteries and burial grounds — many of which have yet to be explored — dot the windswept landscape. [www.livescience.com/28828-10-strangest-sights-google-earth.h] Understanding Google Earth and GIS Matthew Mullenax & Parsons Brinckerhoff. WordPress Shortcode. Link. Google Earth and GIS (EPAN09). Comment goes here. 12 hours ago Delete Reply Block

3. Swastika-Shaped Building Complex 32°40’34.19″N 117° 9’27.58″W Coronado, California, USA

The artist Ando doesn't just think big--he thinks humongous. Using 1 square mile of Australian Outback as his canvas, Ando "painted" a picture of a cowboy into the landscape. Called Mundi Man or Eldee Man, it is located on the Mundi Plains in Australia (31°40'37.11"S, 141°14'23.68"E) (see it in Google Maps) and is meant to represent the people who pioneered in the region. The image here has been color-adjusted for clarity. (The additional image here is from AndoArt.com.) And could this be the cowboy's footprint (51.294076,-1.534722) (see it in Google Maps) [zoom to image], or his thumbprint (50.844,-0.172043) (see it in Google Maps) [zoom to image]? Every year we come across bizarre and strange sightings that have been picked up by the Google camera, and today we have a look at some of the stranger sights spotted by 12 - Free Hand It looks like an intriguing piece of artwork, but it's actually an aerial shot taken by Google Earth cameras

Google Earth is an exceptional educational and learning tool, focusing on geographies in the world and beyond. Google Earth provides you with expansive imagery from different parts of the world along with detailed geographic information right on the PC nobody is gonna question the pentagram?? have any of you fools seen supernatural. the gates of hell is within that park!I hope we can get a heads up when North Korea sends a horde of angry naked zombie clones riding unicorns to attack us.

Mapping software Google Earth turns the planet into a massive scavenger hunt for weird, wacky, and the unexplained. Here are a few of the things that keep us scratching our Three years ago, when we originally attempted to identify The Strangest Sights in Google Earth, we thought we'd seen them all Have you wondered what kind of abandoned places there are in the world? Abandoned buildings, lost in time, might be a little eerie, but the mystery is also an enticing lure, making us wonder what came before Dude, to go back in time simply open an android based google app found in the ‘beta.google.app.timetravel’ field bar found at the end of the ‘terms and agreements,’ section of the download And rescycle the temporal heat death mapping to using standard syncretic polarizing field as The Strange Sights Google Earth Plugin is a collection of interesting sights that users spotted in Google Earth. Sights are divided into categories like Update: The Strange Sights plugin for Google Earth appears to be no longer available. I tried to find it on the Internet but came up empty handed

Wow I just when to a horror movie😱😨 ever checked out area 6 and area 51 (nothing comes up for area 51)I find number 2 scary! It’s not everyday that you see a doll that replaces somebody who just died. I thinks it’s kind of a voodoo ritual. yay Please bear in mind this sub is run by Google Maps fans and not actual Google employees! Complaints or feature requests are permitted here for venting/daydreaming purposes but if you really want your voice to be heard you should take it up with Google directly

You've probably heard of cow tipping, but what about car tipping? To judge from this photo, a dearth of cows in the Netherlands has inspired people to begin tipping parked cars instead (51°19'18.13"N, 6°34'35.64"E) (see it in Google Maps). Thanks to Google Maps, we now have the ability to view some of the most incredible sights on earth, all from the comfort of our homes. The mysteries of the pyramids of Giza, the breathtaking sights of the Himalayas, and the playful creatures of the Galapagos Islands can now easily be viewed with a few.. Use the top sights selection to find specific top places in a city: museums, shops etc. The all places selection shows both the standard and your own saved places by The hottest places have markers linking photos, streetview, wikipedia, wikivoyage, foursquare and google plus articles about the site

We found this photo by randomly clicking around Russia. Any clues on what the logo means? Also, there’s a stamp on the ground.How does Mother Earth show her love for Google Earth? With heart-shaped islands (43°58'42.70"N, 15°23'0.14"E) (see it on Google Maps) [zoom to image], ponds (52°15'27.48"N, 10°31'17.62"E) (see it on Google Earth) [zoom to image], and botanical enigmas (20°56'15.47"S, 164°39'30.56"E) (see it on Google Maps) [zoom to image], of course. How do mere mortals show their love for Google Earth? We etch our devotion into Mother Earth via heart-shaped designs (48°53'26.45"N, 12°30'36.01"E) (see it on Google Maps) [zoom to image], of which there are plenty. Three years ago, when we originally attempted to identify The Strangest Sights in Google Earth, we thought we'd seen them all. But in reality, we were just getting started. Here we've collected more Google Earth mysteries. By clicking the links provided with each slide you can visit each sighting in Google Maps. But for better viewing results, we encourage you to visit the destinations in Google's free mapping software Google Earth. We've included the coordinates in parenthesis next to each sighting so you can cut and paste those coordinates into Google Earth's 'Fly To' box. We've also created a "zoom to image" option for other Google Earth images mentioned in the slideshow text, so you can view sites without leaving the slideshow. Enjoy your trip! Need an island, but can't find one to buy? Why not build one? That appears to be the philosophy behind islands being built in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, in the shape of palm trees crowned with crescents. This image shows one (25° 7'2.64"N, 55° 7'59.28"E) (see it in Google Maps) of three identical Palm Islands being built from an estimated 500,000 cubic meters of rock and sand. Google Earth offers a unique way to explore this island, serving up a high-resolution map where you can wander the island's 100 luxury hotels, water parks, and lavish homes.

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when i started to research this on my computer, it started to glitch and lag a lot, witch was weird because my computer had never acted like this. also, number 6, i tired to take a pic of it on google maps, but no matter what i did it would’t let me.It’s in fact very complicated in this full of activity life to listen news on TV, thus I simply use internet for that purpose, and get the newest news.

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Me and my brother were looking around in the desert in Arizona, and we found concrete domes, with graffiti all over them. We looked it up, and it was a site where people sacrificed animals and such. If you zoomed out from there, and went to a certain spot, there were Illuminati signs, and lots of the Star of David…It was very creepy! Amazing satellite and aerial images from Google Earth, and the funniest sightings on Google Maps Street View. Google Sightseeing takes you on a tour of the world as seen from satellite or street views using Google Maps. Our team of authors present weird and wonderful sights as suggested by.. If you look around greenland, it is very weird and there are very weird eskimo tribes there. also there are lots of different shapes that are creepy as heck. i recomend checking it out. 12 - Free Hand It looks like an intriguing piece of artwork, but it's actually an aerial shot taken by Google Earth cameras. Every year we come across bizarre and strange sightings that have been picked up by the Google camera, and today we have a look at some of the stranger sights spotted..

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The “triangle UFO” in Australia is not there anymore. The nearest features near the location now are wind turbines so perhaps it really was a UFO after all? Creepy!This sand drawing in Victoria Australia could be from aliens 38°15’42.2″S 144°34’48.3″E Mapping software Google Earth turns the planet into a massive scavenger hunt for weird, wacky, and the unexplained. Page 12 of 17. In their 1997 desert installation called Desert Breath (27°22'50.10N, 33°37'54.62E) (see it on Google Maps), artists Danae Stratou, Alexandra Stratou.. 12 - Free Hand It looks like an intriguing piece of artwork, but it's actually an aerial shot taken by Google Earth cameras. This is a spectacular image which we can thank Google Earth for! 10 - The dark knight rises Over in Okinawa in Japan they have a very special sight that can only be viewed..

4. Buffalo Herd 4°17’21.49″ S 31°23’46.46″ E Kigosi Game Reserve, Tanzania

Google Maps has photographed a fascinating sight deep in the rainforest of south west Canada on the Google Earth tool. The Canso Bomber was carrying 400kg of bombs on board and incredibly they did not explode on impact. There were 12 passengers on board who all miraculously survived the crash New global maps of Earth at night provide the clearest-ever composite view of the patterns of human settlement across our planet. The NASA team is also now automating nighttime imagery processing to make the data available within hours of acquisition — potentially aiding short-term weather forecasting.. Прочитайте текст и выполните задания 12—18. A. Most people who spend a holiday travelling take a camera with them and photograph anything that interests them — sights of a city, views of mountains, lakes, waterfalls, men and women, children, ruins of ancient buildings, and even birds and.. Not sure how old this is, but PC World assembled their 16 Strangest Sights found on Google Earth. They should have came to us for some samples. Anyway, for what it's worth, there are some fun shots, some cool nature shots, and some weird photos. The strangest, in my opinion..

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I am Shirley and welcome to my blog on embedding Google maps to your own website! I’ve been blogging since 2007 and this blog is one of my newest addition.Since Google Earth debuted in 2005, the satellite images accessible through the mapping software have gotten sharper. Sometimes you can be caught off guard by stunningly crisp images of random things. Here is an image of a park in Sebastopol, California, where people are lounging on the grass and others are lining up for lunch (38°24'40.50"N, 122°50'25.42"W) (see it on Google Maps; to see this image on the resulting map, move the slider bar all the way to the highest magnification, next to the + label). What gives? According to unconfirmed reports, this is a meeting of Foo Camp, an annual hacker conference sponsored by O'Reilly Media. Another seemingly random high-resolution image captures a lonely Land Rover driving through a Moroccan desert (27°56'25.44"N, 12°17'28.15"W) [zoom to image]. Other spectacular high-resolution images, like these pyramids located outside of Cairo, Egypt (29°58'44.64"N, 31° 7'54.60"E) [zoom to image] (See it in Google Earth), don't leave you wondering, "What's the story behind this image?"Aside from accidents on land, there are also some in the sea that leads to sinking ships. In North Sentinel Island, South Andaman, Andaman and Nicobar Islands, India, you will see the largest shipwreck noticeable on Google. It is the S.S. Jassim, which is a 265-feet Bolivian cargo ferry that ran ashore and sank on the Wingate Reef in 2003. People can’t really visit the place since it is the home of a dangerous tribe. According to reports, the island is almost the size of Manhattan but never had an outside contact. Furthermore, the tribe killed two fishermen when they went in the area.

Strange Triangle in Australia(30°30'38.44″S115°22'56.03″E). The image was discovered back in 2007 and people are quick to point out that there is a strange triangle dotted with bright lights in the I love exploring Greenland on Google Earth! I thought I was the only one. Definitely unique! [10 Strangest Sights on Google Earth]. This strange pentagram, etched into the Earth's surface in a remote corner of Kazakhstan, can be seen on Google Maps. Credit: Google Maps. Conspiracy theorists, start your engines: On the wind-blown steppes of central Asia, in an isolated corner of.. Google Earth te permite volar a cualquier lugar de la Tierra para ver imágenes de satélite, mapas, imágenes de relieve y edificios 3D, o para explorar desde galaxias lejanas hasta fosas marinas. Puedes explorar un detallado contenido geográfico, guardar los lugares que hayas visitado y compartirlos con.. Here are 12 strange Google Earth images that depict strange occurrences on earth which can sometimes only be seen from a birds-eye point of view. #1 - Here is a five-pointed star surrounded by a circle which is located on the southern shore of the Upper Tobol Reservoir. This image is extremely.. If alien visitors happen to land in Rachel, Nevada, don't be surprised if they think Colonel Sanders is our leader. That town has an 87,500-square-foot image of the smiling Colonel (37°38'47.40"N, 115°45'1.27"W) (see it in Google Maps) composed of 65,000 one-foot-square tiles, according to reports. This KFC logo is part of a larger trend called mapvertising, in which companies create product logos that are visible from space (or from planes landing at Chicago O'Hare Airport (42° 0'28.67"N, 87°53'9.89"W) (see it in Google Maps) [zoom to image]. A video of the making of the giant-size Colonel Sanders has been posted to YouTube.

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5. Giant Triangle 33.747252, -112.633853 Wittmann, Arizona, USA

The Strange Sights Google Earth Plugin is a collection of interesting sights that users spotted in Google Earth. Sights are divided into categories like "Only from the sky" with sights that can only be seen from the sky or "Virtual Sightseeings" that lead you directly to the Victoria Falls and Mount Everest. They also got a crop circle category for those that are interested in the occult.This is a small village located in Shikoku, Japan. What makes it creepy are the dolls located all over the place, which are made by an old lady. According to reports, once a person dies, she replaces them with a doll. Another creepy thing is that you won’t see these dolls in the same place but the old lady denies moving these dolls.Located in the fertile agricultural region of Argentina’s ‘Pampas’ is a guitar-shaped forest made up of over 7,000 cypress and eucalyptus trees. A farmer named Pedro Martin Ureta planted the forest in memory of his wife. You can read about the touching story here.I cant believe all of this was real. I decided to go to the places my self in person. I got to see the dolls!You really make it appear so easy along with your presentation but I find this topic to be really something that I think I would never understand. It sort of feels too complicated and very huge for me. I’m looking ahead for your next publish, I’ll try to get the dangle of it!

Google earth has now new option to explore moon surface which is really useful for study and research purpose. If you do not have Google Earth installed, then also you can enjoy moon viewing from Google Maps of Moon. One thing that I miss on this occasion is a dedicated Google logo for this event 12 - Free Hand It looks like an intriguing piece of artwork, but it's actually an aerial shot taken by Google Earth cameras. Over in Okinawa in Japan they have a very special sight that can only be viewed from above. It's the Batman symbol, and you'll have to fly over the roof top of the Air Force's..

12. 12. 13. 14 My previous post provided a list of 10 strangest sights on Google Earth. Here's another collection of selected odd, spectacular and mysterious sights. (Note: If any of the links in the article below do not work, please go the original source links cited at the end of this post) It cant be a satellite. There are other things like that in shallow areas around that place with plenty of small docks (I think) such as 8.845398, 112.195686 and at 8.827635, 112.550053. I find this all very confusing. 12 - Free Hand It looks like an intriguing piece of artwork, but it's actually an aerial shot taken by Google Earth cameras. This one is located in the The second season of Stranger Things sees an underground complex network of roots emerge. When I see this image that was captured by Google..

Strange and fascinating images found in Google Earth. 12:04. 10 Mysterious Creatures We Spotted On Google Earth. Funny, Strange and Weird Things on Google Earth Along the years Google Earth hasn't just been a source of geographical information, but also a valuable tool in spotting remote places and making surprising findings. Bellow, I've listed a few truly amazing sights captured with Google Earth, that are either fun, odd or simply mind blowing captured..

I am really impressed with your writing skills as well as with the layout on your weblog. Is this a paid theme or did you modify it yourself? Either way keep up the nice quality writing, it’s rare to see a great blog like this one these days. Google Earth. For years, people have wondered why there is a pentagram — apparently visible only from The area is known for it's archaeological ruins but has little else in the way of human settlement, with the nearest city (Lisakovsk) 12 miles away. Here's the strange sight on Google Earth No it isn’t. It’s the house of a guy who fabricates wooden dolls. He even asked google to blurry his house after this went viral because many tourists and curious people started to go there trying to search for an alien.

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Yeah i drove past the wind farm about 3 weeks ago and i didn’t know about number 7 until i saw this and i went OMG I DRIVE PAST IT While exploring Singapore on Google Maps, we stumbled upon pics of mysterious UFOs, crop circles & hidden WWII bunkers. What do these creepy AF While exploring Singapore on Google Maps, we spotted several intriguing sights. Here are 7 of the most bizarre images just begging for an explanation Mapping software Google Earth turns the planet into a massive scavenger hunt for weird, wacky, and the unexplained. This ocean liner is known by locals as Whompoa Boat and doubles as a shopping mall in downtown Hong Kong. Strangest Sights in Google Earth Ghacks Newsletter Sign Up Please click on the following link to open the newsletter signup page: Ghacks Newsletter Sign up

You and the kangaroos are not the type of these aliens! I bet they are much afraid of you than you are scared of them! ahahahaha Last year, a teenager using Google Earth 'discovered' what researchers are calling one of the largest, previously unknown ancient cities belonging to the Maya. In similar ways, researchers all around the globe have been hunting for Pyramids and lost structures that have eluded experts for decades The area contains etches of two large diamonds surrounded by a pair of overlapping circles. An author named John Sweeney said that it was a marker for the hidden bunkers for the Church of Scientology. The symbols are used by Scientologists as a guide after escaping a planetary “Armageddon” and returning to Earth.PCWorld helps you navigate the PC ecosystem to find the products you want and the advice you need to get the job done.To turn back time top of screen right next to the daylight symbol, or sun on the left of it is the u turn symbol, or refresh arrow.. touch this one and then your slide ruler comes out and you slide back in time and then watch the landscape change…instantly….enjoy

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When you let go and finish dragging the map the other map will then show you where about's on the earth the far end of the imaginary tunnel will be. In effect it will show you what is at the other side of the earth. To make things easier, you can also zoom the map in and out At 1,013 meters (3,324 ft) in length with a total area of 8 hectares (19.77 acres), the swimming pool at the San Alfonso del Mar resort in Algarrobo, Chile is the largest in the world. You can read all about it here.You’ve no doubt already come across some interesting finds on Google Earth. The post below attempts to compile the most fascinating sites other have stumbled upon browsing Google Earth. From natural formations to human structures, the world is a different place when viewed from above.

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THROUGH the wonders of modern technology, Google Earth can bring you aerial shots of almost anywhere. But there are some places that are so secret they have to be hidden by The black blob that hides it on Google Earth is a bit of a mystery, though, and some suggest it is a glitch in the system The image was discovered back in 2007 and people are quick to point out that there is a strange triangle dotted with bright lights in the middle of the field. People who believe in aliens quickly stated that it was a UFO hovering above Earth. However, some argued that it can be a remote-controlled wind farm with three sets of wires forming a triangle and the middle part receives and transmits control signals.– Google Earth – Weird Google Earth – Strangest Sights in Google Earth, Part II – Why Is China Building These Gigantic Structures In the Middle of Nowhere? – The Google Earth Secret Coordinates – MASTER COLLECTION

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That Picture at No. 9 is not in India but in The Red Sea near the coast of Sudan. The admin of this site is requested to correct please. (10 Strangest Sights on Google Earth). Ghost Town Becomes Bird Beach Resort: Photos. The Kazakh pentagram certainly isn't the first odd discovery gleaned from Google Maps. Etched onto the desert floor of New Mexico are two large diamonds surrounded by a pair of overlapping circles If you are exploring the streets of Nancy, France, you might get curious about a blurred area. Good thing that people are quick to take a screenshot as evidence. It turns out that there is a creepy-looking statue in the apartment. It looked like a tall, corpse-like statue with messy hair and white, large eyes. Some say that it is just a tiki statue but why does Google need to blur the area out in the Maps? Часть 4e 1 2 3a 3b 4a 4b 4c 5 6a 6b 7 8a 8b 8c 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16a 16b 17a 17b. Culture corner 1a 1b 1c 2 3 4. Accross the curriculum history 1a 1b 2 3 4 5

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If you watched or played “Silent Hill”, you will get the shock of your life when you see the images of this area in Google street view. It looks like a nightmare with twisted buildings and shadowy figures, which is very similar to “Silent Hill”. However, it was later revealed that it was a technical problem that resulted in distorted images of the entire road. Though it was already cleared, the area still feels creepy because you can’t ‘un-see’ the previous images.you will need to find a weak spot in our universe find a way how a machine better so it does not distort or disintegrate you or just simply look back at old picturesWe are a group of volunteers and starting a new scheme in our community. Your web site provided us with valuable information to work on. You’ve done a formidable job and our entire community will be thankful to you. In the olden days, the ancients recognized Seven Wonders of the World; but thanks to Google Earth, you can now spot thousands of "I wonder what it is" head scratchers. Among the new wonders: a 1-square-mile painting of a cowboy's head, a giant cruise ship parked between skyscrapers, and places that look, well, not of this world. 25 Strangest Sights on Google Earth | Live Science. 23.09.2016 · Google Maps: 45°42'12.4N 21°18'07.6E [Read more: 8 of the strangest sightings on Google Maps] Entrance to alien base under floating island

This is pretty cool (pictures). The Strangest Sights in Google Earth Ever since Google first let people scour the planet from the comfort of their computers through the Google Earth software program, fans have been on a virtual scavenger hunt.. earth :: a global map of wind, weather, and ocean conditions. 0. 0. The Hunt for Earth's Deep Hidden Oceans right next to the sun image it is a U-turn symbol, or a refresh symbol…your slide ruler will come up and touch it to slide back in time…..

Pretty nice post. I simply stumbled upon your blog and wished to mention that I’ve truly loved browsing your weblog posts. After all I’ll be subscribing for your feed and I am hoping you write again very soon!| In lieu of a whirlwind trip round the world, check out some highlights courtesy of Google Earth

ghacks.net ADVERTISEMENTThis aerial shot of an Algerian desert (31° 7'45.56"N, 7°56'23.12"E) looks like something taken by a satellite orbiting Mars. The stunning alien-like landscape has inspired some Google Earth daydreamers to spot images of girl's face (31°15'14.82"N, 7°53'12.10"E) (see it on Google Maps) [zoom to image] or a tree (30°56'55.41"N, 7°52'51.37"E) (see it on Google Maps) [zoom to image] between the wavy sandy crevasses. Think Algeria looks other-worldly? Try these mud flats (39.094361,83.596134) (see it in Google Maps) [zoom to image] found in a remote part of Sinkiang, China, and this beadlike tableau (17°25'42.01"N, 6°38'30.39"E) (see it in Google Maps) [zoom to image] in the Agadez region of Niger, where salt production has created odd formations in the landscape.

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You can however use the websites to locate sights using Google Earth but that is for obvious reasons not as comfortable as using the plugin that displays all the sites at once to you.OMG! I looked at there too! And there was an island but the island was blurred, and everything around it was too!! Also, it didn’t have a name… Much like the other parts of Greenland.Instead of working with paint brushes and canvases, some artists use bulldozers and backhoes to create art. In their 1997 desert installation called Desert Breath (27°22'50.10"N, 33°37'54.62"E) (see it on Google Maps), artists Danae Stratou, Alexandra Stratou, and Stella Constantinides created two interlocking spirals that stretch almost 0.25 mile from side to side in the Egyptian desert. The inset images on the left are from DanaeStratou.com and show Desert Breath just after it was completed and before the installation was ravaged by wind, rain, and time.FYI the regular google maps……the 3D option shows images in a much clearer light……check this one out for specific…un Blurred Vision……how annoying…….what happened to the old version once you have upgraded you cannot go back…..ugh!

That jet in the car park is very strange indeed - I wonder why it was there? My brother in law works in a garage that houses a Jet Fighter , i will try to find it via Google Earth . Here it is Google Earth is a virtual globe, map and geographical information program. It maps the Earth by the superimposition of images obtained from satellite You've no doubt already come across some interesting finds on Google Earth. The post below attempts to compile the most fascinating sites.. 10 Strange Sights In Google Street View. Pastimers. 0:48. EU Lawmakers Support Copyright Reforms Setting Sights On Google, Facebook. Wochit. 1:47. Google spurns Spotify, sets sights on stripe acquisition. testong11. 1:23. NASA telescope sights Earth-sized exoplanet. TomoNews US. 9:19 12 Strangest Sights on Google Earth. The 10 Biggest Deserts on Earth. Copyright 2014 LiveScience, a TechMediaNetwork company. All rights reserved In the top view, you can see the area as luscious red lips of a human. In reality, it is a hill formation that can be found in Gharb, Darfur, Sudan. If you have a wild imagination, you may think that it may swallow its surrounding area and everything on it. It may contain a black hole and you don’t know where it will end. Thus, it can be a bit creepy if you think about it.

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10 of the most strangest sights found on Google Earth that will leave

If you’re interested in seeing any of the places yourself, I’ve included the coordinates for every image shown below. Just copy and paste into Google Earth/Maps and explore for yourself! Well, that's strange. Why doesn't Google Maps show the North Pole? The answer's actually pretty simple. The answer's actually pretty simple: Our Earth is round, and not effectively represented by a two-dimensional map. Google Maps uses a Mercator projection, flattening the Earth and stretching it..

28 STRANGE Sights on Google Earth, Видео, Смотреть онлай

  1. How do you know this information? also i read somewhere else it’s a wooden tiki style surfboard holder? https://www.strangerdimensions.com/2013/07/22/google-maps-anomalies-the-creepy-tiki-troll-of-nancy-france/ <— in the comments
  2. What's the purpose of the mammoth designs painted onto the floor of a Chinese desert?(40°27'4.87"N, 93°44'42.90"E) (see it in Google Maps). Perhaps only the Chinese military knows. That's who some people speculate is behind not several (40°27'23.66"N, 93°23'7.78"E) [zoom to image] similar mile-wide paintings. A nearby Stonehenge-looking formation (40°27'31.04"N, 93°18'47.21"E) (aee it in Google Maps) [zoom to image] with three jets parked in the middle suggests a possible military purpose to the enterprise. But giant white lines etched into the Earth are not unique to just China. A mysterious pattern of white lines found in Norwich, UK (52.481725, 0.520627) (see it on Google Maps) [zoom to image] has prompted some Fox Mulder fans to say "I want to believe."
  3. At Earth.com, our goal is to provide the internet with a homepage for anything and everything you need to know about our planet. The Chicxulub asteroid that crashed into the Earth 66 million..
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Sandbank boomerang (Landscape) - Strange Google Earth maps

Mysterious Egyptian Spiral Seen on Google Map

This is a strange sight dubbed the airplane graveyard where planes that aren't fit for use are sent to be discarded. Image Source: www.damncoolpictures.com. 12 Yellowstone National Park. Among strange images on Google earth, we thought of fitting it in here because it shows how creepy is.. Google Maps is a huge help for everyone because it is a better representation of a classic map. It gives us a 360-view of the area, landmarks, and nearby establishments. If you are bored, you can also take a ‘stroll’ using Google Maps. However, there are several creepy things that you may find in different parts of the world. Below is the list of top 10 creepy Google Maps coordinate that you should check out. Google Earth is a virtual globe, map and geographical information program that was originally called EarthViewer 3D created by Keyhole, Inc, a Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) funded company acquired by Google Google Earth is also available as a browser plugin which was released on May 28, 2008

25 Strangest Sights on Google Earth Earth, Chinese deserts

  1. Satellite Map: Google Earth. Interactive Map with Satellite Earth. Live Satellite Maps
  2. It you go to 666 county road 666, Pearson, Texas then you will find something similar to the Baltimore portal.
  3. *Update* This is a land art project called Desert Breath by the D.A.ST. Arteam. The Sifter did an entire post on the piece here.
  4. Whether parked, crashed, or flying, airplanes are among the most sought-after and collected finds in Google Earth. Here is the mammoth airplane graveyard at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base (32° 9'1.75"N, 110°49'56.57"W) (see it in Google Maps) in Tucson, Arizona. You might ask, why should a good airplane go to waste? Some people agree with you--like these folks (45°24'28.71"N, 123° 0'28.23"W) (see it in Google Maps) [zoom to image] who live in Washington state and couldn't bear to see perfectly good Boeing 727 go to waste: They made a home out of it.
  5. Update: The Strange Sights plugin for Google Earth appears to be no longer available. I tried to find it on the Internet but came up empty handed. What you get when you search on Google for Google Earth Strange Sights Plugin are sites that display top lists of strange sights, but not the plugin itself.  It is not clear why it has been pulled from the Internet by its author, only that it is no longer available.

Strangest Sights on Google Earth - Tamil Gizbo

  1. Thanks again for all your hard files and I will have a squad car in Port Orange FL pick up Mrs.Mason; ASAP Today. By the time I finish this mail.
  2. The plugin can be loaded from the File > Open menu and is available in the left bar afterwards. A click on one of the sights loads it directly in Google Earth.
  3. Поділіться своєю історією зі світом. Працюйте разом з іншими, як у Google Документах, і діліться своєю історією у файлі презентації. Adding placemarks and lines to Google Earth

Is it a UFO? 10 bizarre Google Maps findings which could be the work

  1. Google Maps and Google Street View is the gift that keeps on giving. There are so many weird things found on google maps every single day. Google Earth, which allows you to fly anywhere in the world to see satellite images of almost any place on Earth, has enabled us to travel to landmar..
  2. The island is man made, and I’d assume one of the controversial military islands China has been raising in the disputed West Philippine Sea
  3. if you go back in time on google earth then you’ll find in 2004 there were no windmills but a triangular shaped farm.
  4. g popular than ever, some people have believed the sighting to be true..

We all use Google Maps for getting directions or to reach to our destination. But do you know that you can use Google Maps to explore the whole world? Check what weird and creepy things we found during Google map exploration A random giant triangle has been found at the location 33.747252.. In lieu of a whirlwind trip round the world, check out some highlights courtesy of Google Earth. We don't have to spend thousands to see strange things Categories: ANIMALS, ARCHITECTURE, BEST OF, LISTS, NATURE/SPACE, STORIES, TRAVEL Tags: · aerial, google, maps, satellite, world tour You'll need to choose a username for the site, which only take a couple of moments. After that, you can post your question and our members will help you out.

Located in the 5,000 foot high Colleto Fava Mountain in northern Italy’s Piedmont region is a 200-foot bunny. If you are exploring the area, you might freak out with its humongous size and creepy face. This rabbit is an art installation knitted by Gelitin, a Viennese art collective. The outdoor sculpture’s purpose is to let tourists play with it by climbing and sleeping on it. Последние твиты от Google Earth (@googleearth). Google Earth, #EarthEngine, and Earth Outreach. The whole world in your browser. Google Earth. Подлинная учетная запись. @googleearth

In addition to Google Earth, there have been some rather odd discoveries of UFOs using the similar Google Moon, a service launched in 2009 on the 40th anniversary of the Apollo 11 lunar landing. Paranormal researcher WowForReeel discovered a strange, perfectly triangular structure at the.. It was 2012 when an ‘undiscovered’ island popped up on maps. It was called as Sandy Island located in the northwest of New Caledonia and has a size of Manhattan. However, when a group of scientists sailed in the area, they never found a solid ground but open water instead. They explained that it might be due to human errors or a possible pumice raft. 28 STRANGE Sights on Google Earth

jch11wde, JakeLonergan, linkmeyer and 4 others like this Not sure why Google doesn't just make these available in Google Earth as default layers. Seems like a no-brainer. Hi folks - I love the maps/google earth overlay..just what I was looking for. Unfortunately, when I try and print to pdf through Acrobat Distiller I get a seriously convoluted image that looks like a.. But there is a strange beauty about Antarctica that is incomparable to anywhere else on the planet. Anyway, while Antarctica has no permanent residents, there are often up to 5,000 researchers working there at a time

Giant paper plane (Giant) - Strange Google Earth mapsFucking village (Message) - Strange Google Earth mapsPaper plane (Look Like) - Strange Google Earth mapsFlying car (Transportation) - Strange Google Earth mapsUFO construction (UFO) - Strange Google Earth mapsAircraft (UFO) - Strange Google Earth maps

Google Earth is definitely an application that is fun to play around with. Chance is that you will stumble upon some strange sights sooner or later. Plugins make the discovery process easier and it is surprisingly easy to load and find interesting places using those plugins. They basically provide everyone with an ability to load places directly in Google Earth.Standing in front of China's Beijing South Railway Station must be impressive, but seeing it from the perspective of the Google Earth satellite is cool, too (39°51'50.35"N, 116°22'21.78"E) (see it on Google Maps). From above, this ultramodern railway station looks like a cat's eye. For larger-than-life architectural finds, nothing beats Google Earth for getting a grand perspective--be it the 350-foot Atomium (50°53'41"N 4°20'28"E) in Brussels, Belgium [zoom to image], or Dubai's Burj Al Arab (25° 8'30.90"N, 55°11'4.76"E) [zoom to image], the world's tallest freestanding hotel.*Update* The Sifter did an entire post on strange markings in the USA. Some are ‘eye charts’ for airplanes, better known as aerial photo calibration targets. The Sifter did an entire post on them here.

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